MTG: Ultimate App 1.5

Source:Maxx Android Software

Magic The Gathering: Ultimate App provides a simple, clean and user friendly app for Magic The Gathering players.

- Supports moving App to SD
- Works on Android 3.0
- Search for cards (Internet connection required)
- Card Viewer (Internet connection required)
- Supports the New Phyrexia and future sets
- Displays card text and flavor text along with all other card info!
- Create an inventory list of all your cards
- Create Decks
- Life Counter supports a near limitless number of players!

If you have any suggestions or concerns please feel free to contact us by email anytime.

Changes in Version 1.5:

- When upgrading from a previous version of Magic The Gathering: Ultimate App, you will be asked to update the card information. This is needed for new functionality and may take a few minutes depending on the number of cards you have in your inventory and deck(s).
- Made changes to the search screen to allow easier adding of cards to both decks and inventory
- Three new buttons have been added for each card found from a search: Card Information, Add to Deck and Add to Inventory
- Made changes to the Inventory and Deck Viewer card listings for consistency and ease of use
- Mana cost is now shown for each card in the Inventory and Deck Viewer card listings
- When adding a card to the inventory you now have the option to enter the quantity for that card
- When adding a card to to a deck more information about the card is displayed such as card type and card text
- Added a new menu option to the Deck Viewer to show card counts for Land, Creatures and Spells
- The Deck Viewer now lists cards by type: Land, Creatures, Spells (Headings for each of these categories are coming soon)

Last Updated:2011-09-19 02:00:17
File size:3.09MB
OS:Android 2.2 and up